BalanceBox® Laptop tray Mobile stand Mix

Varenr: 481A73
BalanceBox® Laptop tray Mobile stand Mix
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The Laptop/Keyboard Tray (481A73) for the Mobile Stand Mix® (481A71xxx all versions) can be
mounted at the front* or back of the mobile stand using the M6 screw inserts (* front mounting is only
possible when the panel is installed at fixed height). The hardware needed for mounting is supplied with
the product. The Laptop/Keyboard Tray will accommodate most laptops up to 17” and has a load
capacity of 6 kg / 13.2 lbs. Installation is quick and easy. The tray is fixed securely and provides a safe
and solid base for your laptop computer or keyboard.

The Mobile Stand Mix® can be used in combination with the BalanceBox ® 400 height adjustable mount
system or with our Universal VESA Bracket (481A70), mounted directly on the stand (fixed height).

The Mobile Stand Mix® is suitable for panels up to 86” diagonal.