Yamaha XD-V75 trådløst håndholdt system

Proft mikrofonsystem, komplett

Varenr: CXDV75
Yamaha XD-V75 trådløst håndholdt system Proft mikrofonsystem, komplett
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Digital 2,4 GHz driftsfrekvens unngår tilnærmet alle forstyrrelser
Eksklusiv DCL (Digital Channel Lock) teknologi sikrer signalintegritet opp til over 80 meter
24-bit digital overføring for ekstra klar lyd
Bland og match opptil 14 XD-V-systemer samtidig. Line6 sitt XD-V75 trådløst håndholdt mikrofonsystem hever standarden for lydkvalitet, pålitelighet og brukervennlighet for trådløse mikrofoner. DCL-teknologien (Digital Channel Lock) gjør at signalet forblir rent og kompresjonsfritt. Legg inn det faktum at XD-V-serien opererer på et 2,4 GHz ISM-bånd som totalt unngår all forstyrrelse, og denne håndholdte mikrofonen setter standarden for brukervennlighet og pålitelighet. Ni forhåndsinnstillinger for EQ lar deg skreddersy lyden til enhver situasjon, velg ganske enkelt dette systemet og vær fri til å vandre hvor som helst i en radius på over 100 meter med full tillit til å vite at tilkoblingen din er sikker og fri for forstyrrelser.



The gold standard in sound quality and performance.

We know you’re constantly striving to take your performance to the next level. That’s why we designed XD-V digital vocal wireless mic to provide the stunning sound quality and reliable performance you need to sound your best every time you hit the stage.

Line 6® digital wireless mic technology is the most mature in the market and continues to set standards in sound quality, ease of use and versatility. Thanks to our advanced technology, XD-V conveys every nuance of your performance in the most natural way, with full dynamic range.



Take the stage with confidence.

The XD-V signal is incredibly clear and strong, so you’ll get rock-solid performance and the sound quality of a wired studio microphone. There’s no risk of unwanted noise or hiss interfering with your signal. Plus, an adjustable dynamic filter reduces handling noise while preserving your natural vocal articulation. In other words, the only thing the audience will hear, is you.



Instant access to professionally tailored sounds.

Not only does XD-V offer wireless mic freedom, it helps you find the right sound for your unique style and voice. XD-V handheld systems include up to 10 superb microphone models based on the world’s most popular live mics. Or if you prefer to perform with a lavalier, headset or bodypack system, you get up to 9 EQ filters for complete sonic versatility. With a variety of professionally tailored sounds at the ready, XD-V can be optimized for any performance situation with the touch of a button.



Focus on your performance. XD-V handles the rest.

Interference from competing signals can distract you from your performance. Who needs that? XD-V digital wireless systems operate in the 2.4GHz ISM band, avoiding interference from local TV stations and other devices in the TV band. And unlike conventional wireless mic systems, you won’t have to worry about government restrictions on bandwidth. XD-V systems are fully FCC compliant and operate license-free worldwide, from Hollywood to Tokyo.

We also included an intuitive display that provides essential system info at a glance. Select channels and check your battery level in an instant. Plus, setting up your system is a one-step setup process—all Line 6 XD-V and Relay transmitters and receivers lock together, automatically. With a system this dependable and easy to use, nothing comes between you and your audience.




Expand the capabilities of your XD-V75 system.

For performers looking to take the sound quality of their XD-V75 system even further, the XD-V family includes two premium transmitters designed to deliver performance previously found only in the highest-quality studio mics. Trust us—live vocals have never sounded this amazing.

The V75-SC super-cardioid microphone delivers the same outstanding sound quality as the XD-V75 but with the convenience of a tighter super-cardioid pattern, delivering supreme vocal clarity and articulation—even on the loudest stages.

The V75-40V hyper-cardioid microphone combines industry-leading Line 6 digital wireless technology with the renowned Earthworks® WL40V premium capsule to deliver performance previously found only in the highest-quality wired studio mics.