Wyrestorm 2x1 VGA/HDMI Smart Switche


Varenr: SW-0201-4KD
Wyrestorm 2x1 VGA/HDMI Smart Switche Ryddesalg/Demo/B-Vare
eks. mva

he SW-0201-4K is a compact dual input device for manually or automatically switching a connected HDMI or VGA + audio source to a single HDMI output with CEC-Link ensuring the display device is powered on during use.

No additional cabling is required other than a simple HDMI connection with manual control of source switching and CEC via push buttons on the front of the unit or by using the contact closure points, which can be wired in-desk or to a wall plate.

Key features include:
Provides automatic or manual switching of connected HDMI and VGA + audio sources
CEC Link allows for connected CEC compatible display devices to be powered On automatically when source is in use
Contact closure control via wired desk or wall plate for sources and CEC allow for switcher to be installed out of sight
Supports 4K content from HDMI sources and 1920x1200p from VGA
Compact chassis can be desk-mounted for unobtrusive installation