Maxhub Soundbar with Camera

Teams sertifisert, POE

Varenr: UCS07
Maxhub Soundbar with Camera Teams sertifisert, POE Maxhub Soundbar with Camera Teams sertifisert, POE Maxhub Soundbar with Camera Teams sertifisert, POE Maxhub Soundbar with Camera Teams sertifisert, POE Maxhub Soundbar with Camera Teams sertifisert, POE Maxhub Soundbar with Camera Teams sertifisert, POE Maxhub Soundbar with Camera Teams sertifisert, POE
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Product description

The Ultimate Plug-and-Play Solution for your Video Conferencing Needs

Presenting the MAXHUB UC S07 videobar, the MAXHUB UC S07 is an innovative plug-and-play USB BYOD videobar from huddle to medium-sized meeting rooms with up to 8 people.

The MAXHUB videobar offers 5x digital zoom and 4K Ultra HD quality. This enables you to both capture the entire room and fine details. The UC S07 MAXHUB is perfect for small and medium meetings thanks to the 120° wide-angle and adjustable 15° tilt lens, which enables you to frame the entire group. The camera will deliver ultra-sharp video quality for all your meetings. From wide-angle to close-up, the focus is razor-sharp. Use the wide-angle view to see the entire room at once or the close-up view to focus on a specific participant. 

Intelligent videobar

The MAXHUB UC S07 videobar features 6-element built-in microphones and offers a powerful 8m pickup range. From small to medium meetings, everyone will be heard clearly thanks to the sharp studio-quality Hi-Fi speaker. In addition, every area of the room is filled with immersive sound thanks to the integrated tweeter and woofer design. The background noise filter is the ideal audio option for video conferencing because it efficiently suppresses noise and provides echo-cancellation.

Hands-Free function

Within a 3m range, the PIR sensor on the MAXHUB UC videobar also offers hands-free capability. The videobar will automatically turn on and off thanks to the motion sensor within the detection range. This mode is more eco-friendly and will contribute to reducing energy consumption when leaving a meeting without turning the bar off. This makes moving around the space without worrying about being connected to the device simple. Easily check if the all-in-one videobar is turned on with the indicator light bar.

AI features

The BYOD Maxhub UC S07 video bar has auto-framing and active speaker tracking to keep track of your participants at all times. The 8-meter voice pickup will track and locate the speaker to make sure they're heard across the room and on the other side of the meeting loud and clear. No matter how far the speaker is from the microphone, AGC maintains a steady and stable speech output. This makes it simpler to monitor who is speaking while ensuring that everyone is in the frame.

Device Management integration

In order to look your best on video calls, use MAXHUB ALIGN to refresh and optimize the condition of your video meeting devices. Through the MAXHUB Pivot, the device may be remotely managed to satisfy your needs for hybrid meetings. The versatility of device management enables on-site IT administrators to control the device through a USB cable using the MAXHUB ALIGN (software) while allowing distant teams to access it using the cloud-based MAXHUB Pivot.


  • 5x digital zoom
  • 120° (D) Field of view
  • ± 15° (V) adjustable angle view
  • Fixed-Focus
  • 1m Focus Distance
  • Preset Accuracy
  • Auto Framing: automatic adjustment FOV to fit all participants
  • Speaker Tracking: voice triggered people tracking 2 Zooming Pre-sets for instant setting up
  • 6 microphones
  • 8m voice pickup range
  • Special features: noise reduction, echo cancellation, anti-reverberation, built-in AGC algorithm
  • Dimension(Lx Hx D): 462 x 76 x 93 mm (18.2 x 3.0 x 3.7 inch)
  • Dimension(package)(Lx Hx D): s 538 x 160 x 169 mm (21.2 x 6.3 x 6.7 inch)
  • Net weight: 1.05kg
  • Gross weight: 2.55 kg