MAXHUB 55" 4K Display 500nits 24/7

USB-C (65W), Haze 25%, veggfeste ink.

Varenr: ND55CMA
MAXHUB 55" 4K Display 500nits 24/7 USB-C (65W), Haze 25%, veggfeste ink. MAXHUB 55" 4K Display 500nits 24/7 USB-C (65W), Haze 25%, veggfeste ink. MAXHUB 55" 4K Display 500nits 24/7 USB-C (65W), Haze 25%, veggfeste ink.
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The 55-inch Maxhub ND55CMA specialized display screen is specially designed to be able to display continuously 16 hours a day, in indoor and outdoor environments with strong light while still ensuring sharp image quality. Vivid and long lasting. The product provides 4K display quality, equipped with specialized software Maxhub Share that can be shared wirelessly. The 55-inch Maxhub ND55CMA screen has a diagonal size of 55 inches, suitable for use in small and medium-sized spaces.

Outstanding images with 4K resolution panels

The 55-inch Maxhub ND55CMA specialized display screen is equipped with a DLED panel with 4K 10-bit color resolution and 450 nits high brightness combined with anti-glare tempered glass to ensure the accuracy of graphics to every detail. Project information on the screen, even when presented in outdoor environments with strong lighting. 
Maxhub ND55CMA specialized display screen with 4K resolution
In particular, the 55-inch Maxhub ND55CMA display screen is also equipped with a special coating that helps reduce the risk of damage caused by salt, dust and humidity, ensuring the device operates stably for a long time, suitable for long periods of time. hot and humid weather in Vietnam.

Share wirelessly with Maxhub Share

Maxhub ND55CMA 55 inch is equipped with the ability to wirelessly share the screen of your computer, phone, tablet... to the big screen via Maxhub Share software with just one click, regardless of your operating system. . The 55-inch Maxhub ND55CMA monitor can display up to 4 devices at the same time.
Maxhub ND55CMA dedicated display screen with wireless sharing capability

Advantages of wireless connection solution via Maxhub Share

  • Image latency under 90ms creates seamless motion that resembles real-time streaming.
  • Highly secure: Privacy-preserving Maxhub ensures safe screen sharing for all participants.
  • Safe mode: Verify participant ID verification before screen sharing.
  • DND mode: Prevents interruptions during screen sharing.
  • MAXHUB Share encrypts all data before transmission according to the CRCP protocol.

Remote device management

The 55-inch Maxhub ND55CMA dedicated display is equipped with Maxhub Pivot software with device management functionality that allows information technology administrators to effectively manage devices and distribute content remotely.
The dedicated display screen Maxhub ND55CMA allows users to remotely manage the device
Maxhub Pivot allows IT administrators to remotely manage devices, from settings to content display, ensuring everything is under control:
  • Control the device remotely.
  • IT remote maintenance.
  • Analyze operational data

Different from traditional TV

For the purpose of displaying and presenting commercial advertising, Maxhub display screens have the following outstanding advantages compared to traditional TVs.