Video Webcam + Bluetooth speaker

Maxhub Bundle

Varenr: UCW20BM21
Video Webcam + Bluetooth speaker Maxhub Bundle
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MAXHUB UC W20 + BM21 Bluetooth speaker
MAXHUB UC W20 4K Conference Webcam is a compact and lightweight design of the MAXHUB UC W20, combined with video that works anywhere at any time makes this your ultimate partner for 4K conferencing convenience.
·4k@ 30fps
·13MP sensor
·Denoisation Algorithm
4K Premium Video for Incredible Visual Detail
The UC W20 transforms video meetings with 30fps 4K or 720p Ultra HD images for sensational smoothness and detail. Bring more clarity into any meeting with H.264 video compression, a 13MP sensor, and an 80-degree field of view. Our unique denoisation algorithm will make clarity problems a thing of the past.
4k@ 30fps |13MP sensor |Denoisation Algorithm
Crisp, Clear Audio, Wherever You are
An integrated 2 microphone array detects audio instantly from up to 4 metres away. Combined with a proprietary algorithm for noise reduction, the UC W20 can easily deliver sensational audio without background noise or distortion.
2-element Mic Array | Noise reduction algorithm
Ideal for excellent sound during your meetings and conferences
MAXHUB Bluetooth speaker is a handy, portable and very easy to use device. Connect your Bluetooth devices to enhance the audio experience and raise it to conference level. This device ensures excellent sound quality with 360° 5 metres voice pick-up to allow you to share a room with your colleagues.
Professional features
Its high-performance speakers eliminate echo and reduce noise so your callers can hear you clearly. With 360º omnidirectional audio, your meetings will be a success.
Easy to use
With its Plug&Play connection, simply pair your devices to the speaker to start using it. No interruptions. You can pair two devices using the 3.5mm Jack connection and also use them without compromising the USB conferencing bar. Using a dongle or USB-C Hub, you can connect your devices and keep the other connections free.